This precarious condition of Delhi prompted General Bakht Khan to depart from Bareilly to Delhi. Nana Rao ‘s brother accompanied
Hagia Sophia served as a church for 916 years until the conquest of Istanbul, and a mosque from 1453 to
All the people found inside the city for refuge were slayed by the bayonets’’. He wrote to his friend, “As
Rana Safvi plays the role of an omniscient guide, a companion spirit if you may, as she opens up a
During the battle at the Begum’s mansion around 500 rebel fighters were martyred. Sir Colin (Commander-in-Chief) did anticipate a grueling
آپ عہد مغلیہ سے قبل ہندوستان کے عالم کبیر، عارف جلیل اور صاحب مقامات بزرگ گزرے ہیں ! شیخ حسن
Sudeep's account on battle of Plassey, reads like a story, even though it  has balanced its  academic rigor.
The first combined Nepalese and British attack was on “Alam Bagh”. There was an intense fight at Hazrat Mahal’s mansion
This is series of video lectures of author in Urdu on a book written as biographical account of Prophet Mohammad
Hazrat Mahal turned the enemy away with display of extreme bravery. She has proved to be such a courageous woman
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