Sayyad Altaf Ali

During 1857 mutiny his ancestors took an active participation & many of them had lost their life & properties. The author wrote in his memoir that during childhood days he used to accompanied his maternal grandfather to an old well located in the graveyard of Nuamahala mosque, Bareilly.

History of Quarantine

While the world witnessed one of the major pandemic these days in the form of Corona virus spread. More than 220, 000 cases of COVID 19 had been reported with around 8900 fatalities in one hundred seventy eight countries. With other preventing measures, the isolation/Quarantine is considered as one of the key strategy to flat […]

Memories of Past: From Ranikhet in lesser Himalayas to Sialkot in Punjab

Story of Sayyad Muhammad Shah Aziz Fatima, a seventy-seven-year-old Urdu speaking lady from Sialkot, Punjab, Pakistan recollects her memories from her birthplace at Ranikhet. A beautiful hill town situated in the Kumaon Hills of the Himalayas that is now a part on Uttarakhand, India. Dr. Kazmi, the son of Mrs. Aziz Fatima, a microbiologist is […]

The Legacy of Rooh Afza

Story of a hyperlocal herbal beverage of Indian subcontinent by Rehan Asad Rooh Afza, a traditional syrup (sherbet) is a beverage of middle class Indian household for summers. From one of the most favorite refreshing drink of common Indian masses to the road side sabeels (stalls serving food & water in Ashura) & bhandara (public […]

A talk with Ziya Us Salam

Story of Delhi based author, columnist & social commentator by Rehan Asad Ziya Us Salam is a prolific author & columnist with an experience of more than twenty four years. He is currently affiliated with Frontline, the Hindu. The Delhi based author has contributed books covering diverse titles from cinematic history to main stream sociopolitical […]


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