Hazrat Mullah Shah Badakshi

A short biographic account by Danyal Qadri Background: The Sufism/tasawwuf is defined by the western scholars as the mystical version of Islam. They were divided among different orders (tariqa) and each of the order is connected with Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon him) by the chain of the spiritual guides. It was evolved in early […]

The Legacy of Rooh Afza

Story of a hyperlocal herbal beverage of Indian subcontinent by Rehan Asad Rooh Afza, a traditional syrup (sherbet) is a beverage of middle class Indian household for summers. From one of the most favorite refreshing drink of common Indian masses to the road side sabeels (stalls serving food & water in Ashura) & bhandara (public […]

Woh Halak jisne Ramzan Ganwa Diye by Shams Jilani

 حضور(ص)اور تمام صحابہ کرامؓ ماہِ رجب سے رمضان کی تیاریاں شروع کردیتے تھے ۔ ان کے لیے رجب خیر اور خیرات کا مہینہ تھا! اور وہ زیادہ تر زکات رجب میں ہی ادا کردیتے تھے تاکہ ضرورت مند اپنا بجٹ بنا کر رمضان اور پھر عید کے لیے تیار یاں اور بندوبست کرلیں۔اس کے بعد […]

Dr. Zakir Hussain, the third President of India

Dr. Zakir Hussain, the third President of Indian republic (1967-1969), was born on 8 February, 1897 in  Hyderabad, which is presently the capital of Telangana. His father Fida Hussain Khan and mother Nazneen Begum were originally belonged to the small town of Uttar Pradesh known as Qaimgaj . His patriarch who was popular with title […]

TIPU SULTAN (1750-1799)

Syed Naseer|Tipu Sultan, the ‘Tiger of Mysore’, was a great visionary who exposed the expansionist designs of the British imperial forces. He gave a clarion call to his fellow countrymen and native rulers  to  unite and fight against the East India Company.  Tipu was born on 10 November, 1750 at Devanahalli village of Kolar district, […]

Sartajul Awliya Mujadidd-e-Azam Muhiyudin Hazrat Abdul Qadir Jilani Rahmatullah by Shams Jilani

سر تاج الاولیاءمجدد ِ اعظم محی الدین حضرت عبد القادر جیلانی علیہ رحمہ قارئین گرامی ! جس طر ح عوام النا س نے ربیع الاول کو حضور(ص) کا مہینہ قرار دے رکھا ہے، با لکل اسی طر ح ربیع الثا نی کو حضرت عبد القاد رجیلا نی علیہ رحمہ کا مہینہ قرار دے رکھا ہے […]

A talk with Ziya Us Salam

Story of Delhi based author, columnist & social commentator by Rehan Asad Ziya Us Salam is a prolific author & columnist with an experience of more than twenty four years. He is currently affiliated with Frontline, the Hindu. The Delhi based author has contributed books covering diverse titles from cinematic history to main stream sociopolitical […]

Hazrat Mualana Waqaruddin: A write up by Dr. Shams Jilani

شیخ طریقت حضرت مو لانا مفتی وقار الدین قادری رحمت اللہ علیہ سابق شیخ الحدیث دار العلوم امجدیہ۔۔ شمس جیلانی حضرت مو لانا مفتی وقارالدین صا حب یکم جولائی١٩١٥ءمیں مو ضع پو ٹاکھمریا ضلع پیلی بھیت یو پی میں قؤم ارایں کے ایک بہت بڑے زمیندار گھرانے میں پیدا ہو ئے جو کہ کئی مو […]


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