Sheikh Hasan Tahir Jaunpuri

آپ عہد مغلیہ سے قبل ہندوستان کے عالم کبیر، عارف جلیل اور صاحب مقامات بزرگ گزرے ہیں ! شیخ حسن کے والد کا نام طاہر تھا اور اسی لئے آپ کا نام اکثر جگہوں پر حسن طاہر منقول ہے

The Grand Old School – Delhi College

Madrasah Ghaziuddin/ Delhi College/ Anglo Arabic College: A Historical Review Outside the medieval era Ajmeri Gate in Old Delhi, an old school building stands proud. Few know that the present Anglo-Arabic Senior Secondary school is an exceptional school being an off-shoot of the original Madrasah with a checkered past having a long history of being […]

The Legacy of Rooh Afza

Story of a hyperlocal herbal beverage of Indian subcontinent by Rehan Asad Rooh Afza, a traditional syrup (sherbet) is a beverage of middle class Indian household for summers. From one of the most favorite refreshing drink of common Indian masses to the road side sabeels (stalls serving food & water in Ashura) & bhandara (public […]

A talk with Ziya Us Salam

Story of Delhi based author, columnist & social commentator by Rehan Asad Ziya Us Salam is a prolific author & columnist with an experience of more than twenty four years. He is currently affiliated with Frontline, the Hindu. The Delhi based author has contributed books covering diverse titles from cinematic history to main stream sociopolitical […]


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