Zalabia to Jalebi: A journey of South Asian Dessert

The 10th century culinary treatise of Abbasid era, Kitab al-Tabikh where more than ninety recipes of sweets has been cited has also mentioned these fritters as Zulaabiyyah.

The Legacy of Rooh Afza

Story of a hyperlocal herbal beverage of Indian subcontinent by Rehan Asad Rooh Afza, a traditional syrup (sherbet) is a beverage of middle class Indian household for summers. From one of the most favorite refreshing drink of common Indian masses to the road side sabeels (stalls serving food & water in Ashura) & bhandara (public […]

Zarda: Story of an exotic Mughal dessert

Food story by Indo-Islamic Culture Zarda is a traditional dessert of Indian subcontinent that is also popular among the locals as Meethe Chawal (Sweet Rice). It has been prepared by boiling rice, & adding flavors by the colors, milk, sugar, cardamoms, raisins, saffron, Pistachios, & almonds. The word Zarda ( زردہ) is derived from the […]

A fascinating tale of Samosa

A food story of Indian snack by Indo-Islamic Culture  Samosa, one of the most popular Indian snack is triangular fried savory made up of white flour (Maida) filled with potatoes, peas & lentils. The North Indian version is little big larger in size in comparison with other places in India. The another version of Samosa […]

Naan, a leavened Asian bread

Historical time line of leavened bread by Indo Islamic Culture The Persian word Naan (نان) is the term used for the flat leavened bread that is prepared in traditional tandoor. Today it forms one of the most popular thick flat bread served with South Asian foods in India, Pakistan & Bangladesh. In present Iran, the […]


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