The Grand Old School – Delhi College

Madrasah Ghaziuddin/ Delhi College/ Anglo Arabic College: A Historical Review Outside the medieval era Ajmeri Gate in Old Delhi, an old school building stands proud. Few know that the present Anglo-Arabic Senior Secondary school is an exceptional school being an off-shoot of the original Madrasah with a checkered past having a long history of being […]

Exploring Princess Jahanara’s role in 17th India

A broad range of research by art historians on the positive but complex practice of feminism during the Moghul period had lead to rich comprehensively examined information. The complex socio-political, historical, and religious factors cultivate into an iconic framework in which the contributions of Princess Jahanara Begum stands up to the tallest. Her enriched approach […]

Hazrat Mian Mir Qadiri (q.s): A Mystic Who Inspired Mughal Royals

Mir Mohammad is the pathfinderFor all the saints of the age, He shall be supreme till the order abideth;The Qadiriyya order in God’s directiveShall be commanding othersSo long the universe endureth Dara Shukoh “God never leaves this world without keeping on it some one ever to bear testimony and proof of his existence. He does not […]

Hazrat Shah Abban Badar Chishti (Amroha)

( شاہ   ابٌن بدر  چشتی   رحمتہ  الله    علیہ ( امروہہ ا امروہہ  شمالی ہندوستان کی ایک نہایت زرخیز  بستی ہے جس کو علمی ادبی اور روحانی حوالے سے تمام برصغیر میں ایک خاص مقام  حاصل   ہے  اس میں دو رائے نہیں کہ  یہ چھوٹی سی بستی اسلامی ہند کی ثقافتی زندگی میں خاص اہمیت کی حامل […]

Hazrat Mullah Shah Badakshi

A short biographic account by Danyal Qadri Background: The Sufism/tasawwuf is defined by the western scholars as the mystical version of Islam. They were divided among different orders (tariqa) and each of the order is connected with Prophet Muhammad (Peace be Upon him) by the chain of the spiritual guides. It was evolved in early […]

Zarda: Story of an exotic Mughal dessert

Food story by Indo-Islamic Culture Zarda is a traditional dessert of Indian subcontinent that is also popular among the locals as Meethe Chawal (Sweet Rice). It has been prepared by boiling rice, & adding flavors by the colors, milk, sugar, cardamoms, raisins, saffron, Pistachios, & almonds. The word Zarda ( زردہ) is derived from the […]


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