Sheikh Hasan Tahir Jaunpuri

آپ عہد مغلیہ سے قبل ہندوستان کے عالم کبیر، عارف جلیل اور صاحب مقامات بزرگ گزرے ہیں ! شیخ حسن کے والد کا نام طاہر تھا اور اسی لئے آپ کا نام اکثر جگہوں پر حسن طاہر منقول ہے

The Last Stand by Awadh

The first combined Nepalese and British attack was on “Alam Bagh”. There was an intense fight at Hazrat Mahal’s mansion around which hundreds of Rebel’s bodies were seen scattered. However just before the imminent takeover of “Chulakhi”, Khan Ali Khan reached with one thousand of his soldiers.


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